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Who We Are

Chiedo, Inc. based out of Harrisonburg was founded by Chiedo in 2014 as a parent company after the success of Chiedo Labs. Within the next decade, Chiedo, Inc. intends to start more subsidiaries along with helping to bring new startups to market. We have a passion for working with small businesses, startups and nonprofits. Our mission is simple; Developing technology for the good of the community.

The Board

  • Chiedo


    Chiedo is a full-time follower of Jesus, a husband and a father. He graduated from James Madison University in 2013 with a Computer Science degree. He’s been writing code and working on computers since the third grade and running business ventures since middle school.

  • Gabe

    Gabe Steelman

    Gabe works in the Technical Staffing Industry with Apex Systems by day and is a musician by night. Gabe's skills, creativity, experience, perspective, musical taste and strong work ethic make him a valuable asset to the Chiedo Inc. team.

  • Matt

    Matt Light

    Matt Light brings much to the table as the Chiedo, Inc. secretary and general counsel. Lawyer by day, antique glass dealer by night -- when Matt isn't working, he's an avid supporter of Star Trek (which he prefers greatly to Star Wars) and loves to spend time with his family.

  • Josh

    Josh Dean

    Josh Dean is a proud Harrisonburg resident who loves the beach, football and playing the guitar. He brings his unique experiences in multiple industries to the table and is glad to serve his local community.

  • Don

    Don Lawrence

    Don Lawrence loves finance and with an impressive track record in the DC Area, he brings a lot of insight to the board. Not only does he bring his experience in finance, risk management and valuation, he also brings his experience as a small business owner.

  • Josiah

    Josiah Weaver

    Josiah is a driven Christian entrepreneur with an extensive background. Small (up to enterprise) size business development, property development, data center design, Information Systems architecture -- Josiah does it all, with a unique passion to figure out how things work.

Our Vision

We are about the relationships we build and the communities we serve. In those communities, we will innovate. In those communities we will integrate. In those communities our companies will profit, our communities will profit and our people will profit.


The Chiedo Companies

  • Chiedo Labs

    Websites and Application Development

    Chiedo Labs came first. It was founded in 2012 by Chiedo during his last semester at James Madison University and has been growing rapidly ever since. Today, Chiedo Labs creates mobile apps, websites and runs a small start-up incubator.

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  • Chiedo Marketing

    SEO, Social Media & Digital Advertising

    Naturally, Chiedo Labs wanted to help clients get visitors to their sites, so Chiedo Marketing was launched in May, 2016. Specializing in Social Media, Digital Advertising, and SEO, this company connects clients with their current and potential customers so that they can reach their personal, business, and organizational goals.

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  • Chiedo IT

    Business Networking and Tech Support

    Chiedo IT provides IT support for small businesses in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and remote technical support for others. Chiedo IT officially launched late 2016 as the acquisition of a local IT company in Harrisonburg Virginia that had been started by Josiah Weaver. Chiedo IT was the third company under the Chiedo, Inc. umbrella.

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  • Chiedo Cyber

    Penetration Testing, Assessments & Trainings

    Chiedo Cyber was launched in 2016 by Chiedo as the fourth company under the Chiedo, Inc. umbrella. After watching the need for cyber security grow each year, Chiedo became determined to play a role in the solution to the problem. The goal of Chiedo Cyber is to improve the cyber security of organizations.

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Our Values

Our values are built upon the faith of our founders, rooted in God as known through the Bible. They believe in Jesus Christ, and strive daily to be more like him.

DISCLAIMER: Believing in God is not at all required to be an employee, client, or business partner of ours. Instead, we hope you find it reassuring that we truly hold ourselves accountable to these values:


We do what is right even when no one is watching.

We do the right thing – always, and for all. We are committed to the strong character that has enabled us to grow our businesses the right way. We keep our word, and manage expectations effectively. We treat everyone – our clients, team members, and partners – with the respect and dignity they deserve.


We strive for excellence in all that we deliver. We set a high bar for ourselves by expecting more of ourselves than our clients do, and hanging our hats on the value we provide them.

Personal and Professional Development

We care about the goals, desires, and dreams of our clients, team members, and partners. We’re all humans, right? With that in mind, we believe that our identity is found in more than our job titles – we want to see the personal and professional aspirations of every person become reality.

Faith and Family

What we do at work is very important. However, what we do at home is more important – plain and simple. We love the work we do; yet the affection we have for God, our families, and our loved ones takes precedent. Always.

Community Impact

We are an integral part of the community in which we work; therefore, we deeply care for our community. We believe that God has blessed us beyond what is possible through our efforts and abilities. Therefore, we have a burning desire to provide help and aid to those in need through our time, talents, and treasure.